(FULL) Traditional Croatian Štrudel_ Learn to hand stretch your own homemade filo pastry!


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Apricot strudel

Sitting back after a beautiful meal by the crystal Adriatic Sea, waiting on the finishing touch; a crisp, refreshing strudel and maybe a glass of sweet “Prošek”. Maybe the sea view is out of reach this year, but delicious Croatian food is just as good when you make it at home.

Learn all the tips and tricks behind hand stretching your own homemade filo pastry. Create an amazing traditional Croatian dessert that will WOW your family and friends and transport yourself to Croatia with this fantastic 2-hour cooking class.

Strudel in any form is a favorite dessert on many Croatian menus. Thin crisp filo pastry surrounding tart, sweet fruit and served with a good dollop of whipped cream; what could be better. Most Croatian dishes are influenced in one way or another by its rich and varied history. Filo pastry came from the Ottomans, who ruled the Balkans for a long period from the 1400’s, and like all good food, Croatians soon fell in love with it. In Međimurje, in the north-west, they layer the pastry with, walnuts, poppy seeds, apple and fresh cheese to make a rich and delicious “Gibanica”. In Zagorje they fill the pastry with fresh cheese and eggs, and either bake it with loads of cream, or make a delicious “Štrukli” soup. My favorite use for this “fun to make” pastry is “Štrudel”.


What’s included:

Recipe in English and Croatian

2 hour online workshop

Professional chef instructor

A short history of the dish



1) After registering/payment, you will be sent a link to log into the class at the appointed date/time.

2) One day before the class you will be sent a copy of the recipes we’ll be making, so you can cook from them again after the class.

3) This class lasts two hours


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